We are pleased to inform that our office has moved to:
1740 42 St. NE,

Calgary, AB - T1Y 2L6 

Telephone: 587-968-5870

Fax: 587-317-7276


International Shipping, Trucking & Freight Hauling Services

Our goal is to deliver excellence in all that we do. We like to provide the excellent customer by hiring the best people in the industry and empowering them to create solutions for our customers. Because of our asset intensity, we attract and retain the best drivers in the industry. The technology we employ is focused on enhancing your service experience. If you are a prospective customer or driver, thanks for taking the time to learn more about us, we encourage you to give us a try.

CONTACT INFO: 1740 42 St. NE, Calgary, AB - T1Y 2L6 Telephone: 587-968-5870 Fax: 587-317-7276

- Mr. Ken

I am proud to a part of this team. I enjoy my work and feel welcomed by the company.


We have been providing customers with a wide range of delivery solutions specific to customer requirements for over the years. We provide best service for all your shipping needs. From a simple pick and drop to whole consignment, we take care of your shipment no matter what shape or size.

We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service 24/7 so you can have peace of mind that your shipment is going to get delivered where its supposed to be, when its supposed to be there!